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This watercolour highlights the TV's character's residence in a small UK village. L9.jpeg

Doc Martin's Residence

Portwenn (Port Isaac)

A range of brushmarks in this moody watercolour. Storm Light_edited_edited.jpg

Storm Light

Neutral and strong contrasts in this watercolour of early architecture. O45_edited.png

Shops at historic Rushworth. Victoria

Loose but controlled watercolour of an early homestead. O33.jpeg

Historic "Wonnerup". WA

A watercolour of an important outback stopping place. O38_edited.jpg

Topar Roadhouse. Outback NSW

Watercolour loosely applied and with just enough brushmarks to indicate this townscape. O34_edited.jpg

 A Corner in Broken Hill. Outback NSW

Nice merging and edged watercolour marks in this unique scene. O9.jpg.jpeg

Transport Santorini-style.

Complementary colours in this watercolour of an historic building associated with an early mammoth engineering project. O36.jpg.jpeg

Old Telegraph Station. Alice Springs. NT

Where watercolour excels seen in these swift, confident wave brushmarks. 16.jpg.jpeg

Soldiers Beach. Central Coast. NSW

This delightful watercolour scene is a secluded beach. Malua Bay.jpeg

Coastline at Malua Bay. NSW

This watercolour brings the subject matter into focus. O3.jpg.jpeg

Another Old Wharf

Big Jacaranda Tree. Dangar Island

This watercolour sets the background back so that the basic house becomes the focal point. Bush Residence_edited_edited.png

Bush Residence

A Line and Watercolour painting of flowers incorporates lively line technique.  Just for you.JPG

Just For You

A suggested, not overworked watercolour with compositional white spaces. O23_edited.png

Roses and Apples

Bold, rhythmic sky brushmarks in one go as the huge cloud formation approaches the sunlit foreground. O17.jpg.jpeg

Cloud Formation approaching Norah Hd

Central Coast NSW

A stylised watercolour giving life to a usually realistic painting of a peacock. O8_edited.jpg


Watercolour on a textured ground of glorious Venice.

Colours of Venice

Drawn firstly in a loose style, watercolour then added so as to not dominate the brown drawing. O43.jpg.jpeg

The Old Bakery. Berrima. NSW

With a loaded watercolour brush this historic house is loosely drawn with varying brush weights. A controlled colour usage. O35.jpg.jpeg

No 11 Quality Row. Norfolk Island

The composition of this watercolour has understated houses and a road leading the eye down to the boats. O1.jpg.jpeg

Small Settlement. Tasmania

Just enough watercolour brushmarks define the building. Not overworked. The fence makes an interesting composition. O46_edited.jpg

Historic "Highfield". Tasmania

Contrasting colours in this outback watercolour. O2_edited.png

Camping at Ayers Rock Reserve. NT

Pencil drawing is important. This work shows varied angles and weights of pencil marks. O19.jpeg

An Old Wharf. Tasmania

This watercolour depicts a bygone era. Pedley farmhouse.jpeg

Old Country Farmhouse

Confident pen marks making light and dark statements. Uncluttered. Effective. O29_edited.jpg

Tuna Boat. "Maria Luisa". SA

Plenty of character in this line drawing. Controlled use of light, medium and dark statements. O25_edited.png

Old Wharf with character

Long, swift, confident pen marks on the hull with just enough line work above it. O28_edited.png

Historic Pilot Boat "Macleay". NSW

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