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Maritime art and Venice are linked. This painting is effectively understated with minimum brushmarks. Venice.jpeg

The Character of Venice

Creative composition in this maritime art. Complementary colours. The boats rendered differently. The Red Boat_edited_edited_edited.png

The Red Boat

Echuca and maritime history are synonomous. Drwn confidently with a brush and controlled use of colour. Paddlesteamers.JPG

Paddlesteamers at Echuca. Vic.

Moody maritime action scene ... heading for the open sea and a big catch. 5.jpg.jpeg

Tuna Boat out of Port Lincoln. SA

Maritime history. The barque "James Craig" and the lightship "Carpentaria". 1.jpeg

Wharf 7. Pyrmont Bay. Sydney

Maritime outward bound commercial action. 10.jpeg

Down Helm to the Fishing Ground.

Historic Martello towers in the distance combine with a lugger in this maritime coastal scene. 2.jpeg

Fishing Lugger. Hythe. Kent. UK

Returning with a catch of crayfish. Rugged coastline is the backdrop to this maritime scene. 8.jpg.jpeg

Cray Boat. SE Tasmania

Wharves, jetties, boats, reflections ... all join to compose this maritime scene, with calligraphic brushmarks. 13.jpg.jpeg


The tide is out in this quiet, restful maritime scene. 20.jpg.jpeg

Quiet Haven SW Tasmania

Three in a Row

Strong design in this maritime scene, choosing where to strengthen brush lines and keeping clean and pure colours. Not overworked. Secluded Harbour.JPG

Secluded Harbour

Another painting with historical maritime significance. This boat was built during WW2 to carry bombs for the airforce. 14.jpeg

Historic Tea Gardens Ferry. NSW

A story of maritime history and legend. Now fully restored, Earl travelled on this boat many times as a boy. 27.jpg.jpeg

"Waimarie" on the Wanganui.

Early river travel

Maritime scenes often encompass the maintenance areas. Hibbards_edited_edited.jpg

Hibbards Slipway. Mid North Coast.

A harbourmaster's boat with its own maritime story from Sydney days, now being restored. 7.jpg.jpeg

Restoration of "Goniemah"

Landlocked but still part of the maritime scene, "Vega" was once towed behind paddlesteamers on The Murray. Just a few brushmarks define the period buildings in the background.  9.jpeg

Historic Barge "Vega"

Swan Hill Pioneer Village. Victoria.

Busy maritime scene. Focus is on the central scow ... the others and the buildings suggested. Confident brushmarks. 12.jpeg


Early maritime workhorses

Not all maritime trips are plain sailing. The Pilot Boat encounters rough seas. On Duty.jpeg

On Duty

In this maritime scene, the composition leads to industrial shipping. 35.jpg.jpeg


An element of the maritime story is the continued maintenance on boats, both pleasure and commercial. 4.jpeg

Maintenance Time

A few brushmarks indicate seaside houses. In the foreground two boats take "time out" in this restful maritime story. 19.jpg.jpeg

Resting on a Cornish Coast

Maritime history has its disasters. This luxury liner was out of commission for a lengthy period before resuming her voyages. 3.jpeg

"Wanganella" aground.

Wellington Harbour. 1947.

Maritime doesn't always mean boats and ships. This lake and sea scene is painted in a contemporary manner with bold, calligraphic brushmarks. 17.jpg.jpeg

Where the Waters Meet

The Entrance. Central Coast NSW

The small, pleasure yachts contribute to the larger, wider maritime story. 79-873_edited_edited.png


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