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This mountain landscape scene is an Australian icon, rising strikingly above the surrounding countryside. L3.jpeg

Cradle Mountain.


A changing landscape. Once a thriving gold rush town with continuous trains, now only a sign remains. L4.jpeg

"Now No Trains"

Silverton. Outback NSW

The large tree in the foreground landscape drawn with rhythmic, calligraphic brushmarks frames the quaint, little shop and jetty. L5.jpeg

Marina Shop

A tranquil landscape in the bush. Bushland Waterhole.jpeg

Bushland Waterhole

Nestled low in a rugged landscape this very long river meanders beneath hot-coloured cliffs.

Murchison River and Gorge

Kalbarri National Park. WA

This iconic landscape of rock formations is drawn with graceful, curved, calligraphic marks and a controlled palette. L2.jpeg

Rhythm of Kata Tjuta. NT

Amongst a landscape of large, lichen-covered rocks stands a lonely tree, painted with rhythmic brushmarks and a controlled palette. L1_edited.png

Tree with Orange Lichen on the Rocks


This acrylic landscape painting is of a known tourist destination.  Ormiston Gorge.jpeg

Ormiston Gorge near Alice Springs

A landscape of elements: a gum tree, coloured grasses and corrugated iron sheds. L6_edited.jpg

Landscape Colours

Found in many landscapes is a narrow road by an isolated, noticeable tree. Standout_edited_edited.png

The 'Stand-out' Tree

A low, open landscape scene punctuated by two large trees at the town's edge. Ent_edited_edited.jpg

Entrance to a Rural Town

A weathered hut in a windswept landscape. High Country Hut.jpeg

Hut in the High Country. NSW

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