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Earl Hingston Art


Specialising in the challenging medium of watercolour through maritime art, landscape art and other

  • Fellow of the Australian Society of Marine Artists

  • Associate Member of the Royal Art Society, NSW

  • Fellow of the prestigious Chartered Society of Designers, London

  • Designer of the New Zealand Post Office symbol/logo and corporate identity

  • Runner-up 1974 Commonwealth Games national symbol design competition

  • Patron of the Central Coast NSW Watercolour Society

Enjoy exploring my gallery of maritime, landscape, buildings and other paintings, mostly created in the wonderful, challenging, exhilarating medium of translucent watercolour.

New Zealand Post Office. 1960s through 70s was the modern era for corporate symbol/logo design ... it became the golden era. I designed this symbol in 1975. The envelope suggests the letters NZ. The crown implied government ownership and the three divisions of the PO. Later it was removed when the divisions became separate entities.
The symbol became a memorable, iconic design.

If available, paintings displayed on my website may be purchased.
Please refer to "Contact" for email details.

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